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Key Research Lessons (continued)
Babies who hear music in utero do have a memory and preference for the music to which they were exposed.

Research studies over the past 25 years point to the power of sound as an influence on prenatal infants. Studies suggest that babies in the womb are sensitive, responsive, and learning oriented. These studies reveal the power of music to impact prenatal memory, responsiveness and health.

Memory and Preference

  • Newborns learn and remember their mother’s heartbeat and voice.
  • Newborns prefer the music they heard their mother sing while in utero rather than new material sung by their mother.
  • Babies “remember” music they heard in utero and preferred it to new music.
  • In utero infants prefer tempos that resemble their own heart beat.
  • Babies prefer hearing those stories, music, rhymes and poems heard initially in the womb.


  • As a parent, the sounds you make, your sonic environment and the sounds your baby hears in utero are vitally important and impact your baby.
  • Using sound to deliberately create the right environment is an important step in mindful parenting.
  • Music can be a great way to initiate the bonding process with your in utero baby.