Our Mission

Resonant Sounds creates musical environments, products
and tools that support intimate, healthy and heartfelt connections
between parents and their babies.

Our story

We began our company in direct response to the awareness that the relationship between babies and their parents is being negatively impacted by our rapidly changing, fast paced, and technologically influenced culture.

Connection with our children is vital to their health and wellbeing. We realized that parents need resources and support to protect their quality time with their children because babies, as well as parents, are experiencing increased stress.

Three factors are changing our experience as parents

1.  The recent technological advancements of wireless transmissions, games and smart phones are bombarding us with over-stimulation.  Technology allows us to become engaged at remarkable levels of speed, yet it simultaneously creates easy distractions and can make one feel overwhelmed.

2. Changes in healthcare due to the need for efficiency and financial controls have diminished the amount of time and attention patients receive in the doctor’s office, clinics and hospitals.

3. As family units become increasingly dispersed, the lack of community and family support creates a huge burden on a new parent. It is harder to find the “village” to help in the raising of a child. We are more alone in our nuclear families with less extended family caregivers to help.

Resonant Sounds is attuned to the problems that these conditions create. We are creating a family of products that utilize Positive Intention Music ™ (PIM) to facilitate parent-child bonding during both the critical initial periods of an infant’s life as well as the last trimester in utero. Our products employ documented principles from the science of sound.   Positive Intention Music™ uses rhythm, tempo and pitch to create specific   responses in the brain of the listener that results in the parent and the baby experiencing a heart-felt, calming connection. Our music is distinctive, beautiful and engaging.

Accompanying each CD is a book that is easy to read and beautiful to look at. The book contain supportive material that includes evidence of the importance of bonding, personal stories, ways to connect with your baby, and coping methods to de-stress.

A half-century of clinical and observational research shows us that without a successful bonding process during a baby’s earliest developmental periods, there can be a serious compromise in the physiological and psychological development of the child.

Failure to form healthy attachment with caregivers affects a baby’s capacity for relationship, sense of security, ability to trust, skills in communication, personal self-confidence and feelings of compassion. These skills are the foundation of a successful adulthood. If the initial foundation of connection between and child is not effectively created, the long term impact on our children is significant   Neuroscientists, physicians and psychologists all agree that the parent-child bonding experience is essential for the proper formation of these vital human capacities.