Wise Parenting Press

Wise Parenting Press (WPP), a division of Resonant Sounds LLC, is a publishing company that creates books, book/CD sets, musical environments and products to support the cultivation of healthy relationships and bonding between parents and their newborns babies.

We are pleased to announce the release of Safe In The Arms Of Love: Deepening The Essential Bond With Your Baby, a book/CD set that supports a deep sense of unconditional love between parent and child.

Safe in the Arms of Love contains important information and a CD musical resource that serves the needs of the baby and supports the parent to relax into a heartfelt, intimate experience that naturally strengthens the bonding process.

Our next book, Safe in the Womb of Love, is in development. It addresses how parents can connect with their baby while in utero. We explore the five essential bonding pre-natal processes that create the healthiest and most successful conditions for the birth experience.

Additional planned products include music/book sets and children’s books. We are also developing soothing products for infants with extended hospital stays.